WBox Protein shake

In today’s fast paced world, life can get so busy that nutrition ends up taking a bit of a backseat. It then becomes difficult to pack in all your daily vitamins and minerals.
However, we all know that the best way to fuel yourself for life’s challenges is to eat a healthy, nutritious diet and unfortunately, we can't get that from a latte and muffin at lunch.
That’s where our nutritional protein shake comes in…
Protein shake with chocolate flavour containing
✅  24 gr. of protein per serving 
✅  A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 and C.
Suitable as an additional drink immediately after a workout, as breakfast or a snack between meals. Protein (incl. amino acids, peptides) is muscle tissue building material. Protein promotes muscle gain and helps maintain muscle mass.
With only 110 calories per serving, PROTEIN SHAKE empowers you with the flexibility to take control of your own health, and tailor your macros to suit you - whether you're looking to cut down, bulk up, or just maintain.
PROTEIN SHAKE provides the nutritional foundation. Now what you do with it is up to you!   🚨🔥

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